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Stetson The Movie Star

Yes, Stetson has starred in many films.  I have quite a collection of digital video tapes full of his antics.  Here is some of his best rocketry relatedwork.  Movie Pup 4.jpg (15488 bytes)Newer videos are towards the bottom.

Rocket Dog Practice 864K
This is a shot clip of Stetson practicing with his PAL.

Day 1 Launch 1 (long) 1380K
This is a clip of Stetson's very first live launch. He had a full crowd as we were having a party that day.

Day 1 Launch 1 (short) 472K
This is a shorter version of the above video.

Day 1 launch 2 720K
This is Stetson's 2nd live launch the same day.  He was very tired and hot from running around.  In this one he presses the PAL and then lays down only to pop back up when he realizes what is happening.  He still does not realize that he is the one launching the rockets.

Day 2 Launch 916K
This one is his second day out.  This one is a very close side profile that really capture the moment.

Day 2 Launch (slow Motion) 2296K
This is a slow motion clip of the above launch.  This is great footage if you want to see some good "paw" action.  Notice his reaction time compared to mine.   Also towards the end you can catch a glimpse of Stetson leaping into the air as the rocket ascends.

Mosquito 342K
This short clip shows a good view of Stetson "pawing" the PAL and then running off the frame.

Fred Launch 3340K
This is Stetson's first sponsored rocket.  It was donated by Mike Howie of Maryland.  This is a great video of Stetson running of into the distance to chase the rocket.

StetoBlaster II (Short Trip) 1100K
This was a launch of the StetoBlaster II on an A motor.  Not quite enough power as you can see.  The rocket goes up in a short arc and lands right on top of us.

StetoBlaster II (early launch) 2492K
Stetson decided it was time to launch this one on his own.  We were doing a photo shoot and the photographer is not nearly as quick as Stetson.

StetoBlaster II 682K
Another great launch of the Steto Blaster II.

Graduator (1st launch) 9516K
The Graduator was Stetson's first high power rocket, and as you can see from the video, it took everyone by surprise.  This was on an F motor.

Graduator (frustration) 2258K
This is one of my favorites.  He has a dud and gets visibly frustrated..

Graduator 2nd Launch 1484K
Here is some great footage of my Nephew Blake  and Stetson launching the Graduator for a second time.  This was on a G40-10.  My Mom, My sister and all of here children were there.  You can hear my baby niece crying in the background immediately after takeoff.  It was another beautiful flight with a great recovery.

Graduator 2nd Launch (slow motion) 1994K
Same launch as above but in slow motion.  Blake has pretty good reflexes!

Note: the videos below are in Windows WMV Format.  They have better compression and better quality at the smaller file sizes.

Milk Bone 1st Launch Full 536K
This was a very nice launch, with a good catch buy my Stepson Chris.

Milk Bone 1st Launch Slow 336K
This is a slow motion clip of the above launch with some music dubbed in.

Milk Bone 2nd Launch Full 302K
Another nice chute with yet another nice catch by Chris.

Milk Bone 2nd Launch Slow  546K
A short slow motion clip from above with some music dubbed in for kicks.

Note: The Next 6 Videos are from the Boy Scout Troop 404 Demonstration.

Dud 603K
This was the first launch of the day at the Troop 404 launch.  As you can see Stetson was very frustrated when it did not launch.  He really hates duds.

Eager  2308K
Stetson really loves his hobby, as you can see in this video he wants to launch it as soon as I arm the P.A.L. 

Helping Hand 1  1447K
The Scouts were very interested in helping out as shown in this video.

Helping Hand 2  2256K
Another helpful Scout, they don't call them Boy Scouts for nothing'.

Pause 440K
A rare but beautiful pause before the inevitable pounce.

Pow! Slow 1249K
This is a great video of Stetson nailing the P.A.L. with his eyes fixed on the rocket, POW!

V2 Crash 1200K
This beautiful rocket had a short life.  It was way to heavy for the E motor. Scott Murff took this video footage.  You can hear him chuckling in the background.

Red Neck First Launch 1750K
This was a throw together, built just for the WB39 film footage.  Ended up being Stetson's best rocket.  This is a G-35-4 motor flight.  Scott Murff took this video footage.  The first few seconds are at half speed to show Stetson in action.

WB39 Promo 1 676K
This is the first promotional trailer for the Rocket Dog story that WB39 Ran on the November 24th, 2002 news.  This file is published in a .asf (Advanced Streaming Format) format and requires Windows Media Player.

WB39 Full Story 5350K
Here is the full Rocket Dog story that WB39 Ran on the November 24th, 2002 news.  Its pretty long, so I hope you have broadband.  This file is published in a .asf (Advanced Streaming Format) format and requires Windows Media Player.

Redneck Sputter Launch 4700K
This was one of the rockets we shot for the Baytown Sun during the third story they did. We thought it was going to misfire, but it sputtered a bit and made a healthy leap off the pad surprising us all.

Stetson Reading Paper
Here is a short bit of video of Stetson reading his paper. Not particularly eventful, just plain old reading.

Note: Some of these are linked to from elsewhere in the site.  I have placed all of the movies on this page for convenience.

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Field Sponsor: Scott Murff of Murff Turf Farms allows Stetson the use of his very large and beautiful grass fields.

Graphics Sponsor:  Paul Smoke of Design Ventures helps out with great looking graphics for Stetsons rockets. 

Publicist: Kate Allen of Harrison & Shriftman of New York.  Yes, Stetson really has a publicist, and she does it "Pro-Bone-O" 

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