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"He's a real Boy Scout"

Scoutmaster Michael Guthrie Invited Stetson and I to come and do a launch for his Boy Scout Troop 404.   The boys camped out all weekend and did a number of merit badge projects with model rocketry being among them.  Mr. Parker the assistant scout master handled most of the rocketry project.


The event was held at the Texas Oasis in Baytown owned by Ralph Oler who has been a friend of mine for many years. Texas Oasis has a horse arena, a covered picnic area and lots of wide open space. It even has a picturesque pond.  This was a nice place to have this event.  Ralph also owns Filters Unlimited, Worldwide Filtration and is a partner in Eastside Honda.


We did several launches and had a lot of fun.  Here is a shot of me explaining how Stetson's P.A.L. works as the boys intently listen on. 


They were very interested in Stetson's technology and his special ground support equipment.

Stetson and I had a great time, and the Boy scouts were great.  Mike Guthrie tells me Stetson has a Rocketry Merit Badge coming.  Only trouble is I'm not sure where Stetson will wear it.

Several good videos from this event are located here on the videos page.

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