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Stetson knows a lot of tricks.  He is so easy to teach, that the only limitation is my own creativity.  I sometimes forget his tricks when we are performing, but he never does.  I will post a few of our favorites here.

I really did not know if this one would work.  We have owned the treadmill since before Stetson was born and he was always leery of it.  I started with a toy to get him on it and distract him from his fear.  I then graduated to treats to reinforce the correct behavior.  In the beginning the treadmill speed was set to a very low speed.  During the training a funny thing happened;  my wife and I were talking for a minute or so and when we looked back at him, he was still walking without any prompting.  I knew at that point he had it.  This took about 10 minutes.
Learned: 12/14/02 

Video Clips

Treadmill 1
Using the toy to get him on the treadmill.
Treadmill 3
Ok, now we can walk him on those rainy days.


Getting Tail  
This is an old trick he learned as a youngster.  Shelties go after anything that moves so the training was pretty basic, I swished his tail and he would bite at it.  When he caught it, I would reward him.
Learned: He would have been 1-2 years old.

 Video Clips

Getting Tail 1
Not even a challenge


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