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Steto Blaster II

Here is Stetson launching one of his old favorites, the Steto Blaster II.  The original Steto Blaster met with an untimely demise.  That full story is posted on his web site on The First Day page.  Notice how intently he is focused on the PAL until he presses it.   After activating the PAL he spins to watch the rocket. The first sequence was taken by Danny "Nudels" Shiflett, that is why the quality is so much better than my photos.



After completing his launch task he is free to engage in his favorite activity: chasing the rocket.  He tracks the rocket and runs with it throughout the entire flight and recovery stages.  He likes to live dangerously by being right under the rocket when it lands.  He then jumps out of the way at the very last moment letting the rocket float to the ground.  After he is sure the rocket is safe he runs back to show me where his rocket has landed.


Steto Blaster II (Short Trip)

This was the Steto Blaster II on an A engine, clearly not enough as the rocket went up 30 feet or so and came right back on top of us.   I almost caught it flyball style.
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When I realized that it was coming back my first impulse was to catch it.  I tried but did not quite make it.  I was a little concerend about the ejection charge, having never had one go off in my hand I was not sure if it was entireley safe.  Here is a video clip of this launch.


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