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Ultra Cute Photos

Here are some ultra cute pictures of Stetson growing up.

First Picture

sit1.jpg (7845 bytes)  
Learning to sit.

Un-Named0017.JPG (12215 bytes) 
Wow, my first flea!

 Un-Named0021.JPG (10577 bytes) 
Frisbee Fun!

Un-Named0022.JPG (13368 bytes)
I hate leashes

Un-Named0018.JPG (5688 bytes)
Learning to Harass the cat...

powerphone.JPG (10637 bytes)
I said... it must be this crappy extel pho

stetsonpuppy.jpg (44019 bytes)
Yes, I know. I'm very cute...

Leaves Rule!

bigbath.jpg (24775 bytes)
Bath time...

Un-Named0012.JPG (21364 bytes)

 Un-Named0020.JPG (48873 bytes)
Chillin' by the pool...

Un-Named0013.JPG (16838 bytes)
I taught Stetson to find the steps so if he ever fell in the pool he could get out on his own.  He did not like swimming much and to date he has never fallen in.

Un-Named0023.JPG (21325 bytes)

golf pup 4.jpg (95097 bytes)
Looks like  its time to break out the sand wedge...

   standoff.jpg (34549 bytes) you talkin to me.jpg (25107 bytes)
Go ahead punk, make my day!

moveout.jpg (24439 bytes)
Told you I was the boss!

stetson in party hat 2.jpg (21786 bytes)
Lets party!

Hey look, I made the front page!

I want to go to Disney World too...

fish.jpg (122295 bytes)
HEY, there's something moving in this box here!

I don't care if you launch rockets or not, come any closer and I'll bite you on the nose, capiche?

sleep1.jpg (109728 bytes)
Being this cool is extremely tiring.


stlogo3.jpg (279282 bytes)

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Field Sponsor: Scott Murff of Murff Turf Farms allows Stetson the use of his very large and beautiful grass fields.

Graphics Sponsor:  Paul Smoke of Design Ventures helps out with great looking graphics for Stetsons rockets. 

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Last updated: November 13, 2008.