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On Saturday, Stetson may be one step closer to meeting his hero, David Letterman.
The 4-year-old sheltie known for his ability to launch rockets aka "Rocket Dog" will be featured in November on channel WB39, along with television personality Mia Gradney.
Although an airtime has not been announced, those wanting to see Stetson in action can witness his talents on Saturday, when the station comes to Crosby to film Stetson.
Since August 2001, Stetson has been launching rockets with the assistance of owner, Robert Byrd. With a claw of his paw, Stetson depresses a pad, causing everything from model ballistic rockets to rockets with composite engines to shuttle into space.
"I have no idea why, but Stetson absolutely loves rockets," said Byrd, who says Stetson's ultimate goal is to be on David Letterman.
"He just wants to be on David Letterman," Byrd Said.
With about 430 hits a day at his website,, Stetson is attracting attention that goes beyond Baytown. Recently, Stetson was featured at a National Association of Rocketry annual meeting held in McGregor.
"It was like traveling with a celebrity," Byrd said. "He's famous."
As the story spreads, so does the amount of fan letters, emails and rockets he receives. And the following's diverse.
"Have fun chasing those rockets," writes Teddy and Smokey, toy poodles and fellow rocket launchers from Las Vegas. "Woof, woof."
At 10 a.m., Stetson will launch about a half-dozen rockets, including a model V-2, the worlds first ballistic rocket.
"He's pretty much a pro," Byrd said.
To get to the launch, head east on highway 90, north on Bohemian Hall Road, right (east) on Ramsey Loop, left (north) at Crosby Eastgate Road. The airfield is on left.
However, as Byrd warns, the location is hard to find, so it's best to check Stetson's website, which provides point-by-point bearing.

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