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11-9-2008 Baytown Sun Article #3 Launch Day

The Story  
For the third time the Baytown Sun does an article on Stetson. Tara Sullivan of the Baytown Sun met Stetson at this years Neighborhood Night Out which we usually host at our home. She was intrigued by Stetson and wanted to do another story on him. So on Sunday November 2nd we headed out to Crosby for another shoot. 

You will find PDfs of the article here. Page 1A & Page 2B

Stetson impatiently looks on as Robert preps the Red Neck rocket for its first launch.
Stetson lunges towards the PAL as fast as caninely possible.
And pounces on the PAL with fierce concentration.
And up up and away goes the Red Neck on the G-38 composite motor.
And what goes up, must as they say, eventually come down.
Stetson strutting around, looking very proud of himself.
Stetson reading about his exploits in the Baytown Sun. You will find PDfs of the article here. Page 1A & Page 2B so you can read it too.
Video Clips

Stetson Reading Paper
Here is a short bit of video of Stetson reading his paper. Not particularly eventful, just plain old reading.

Redneck Sputter Launch 4700K
We thought it was going to misfire, but it sputtered a bit and made a healthy leap off the pad surprising us all.

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Sponsor Credits

Corporate Sponsor: Truewater is the IT Outsourcing firm where Stetson is employed as the Executive Office Dog and Ambassador of Hospitality. If you think our dog is smart, you would really be impressed with our computer technicians.

Field Sponsor: Scott Murff of Murff Turf Farms allows Stetson the use of his very large and beautiful grass fields.

Graphics Sponsor:  Paul Smoke of Design Ventures helps out with great looking graphics for Stetsons rockets. 

Publicist: Kate Allen of Harrison & Shriftman of New York.  Yes, Stetson really has a publicist, and she does it "Pro-Bone-O" 

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